Floral Originals in Columbia, South Carolina - Florals by gregory scotte not what they seem

I ordered 2 different flower arrangements for a funeral. Online they look so nice and decent size but when I seen them in person I was very disappointed and embarrassed!!

They were so much smaller than what I expected and for what I paid for, I even upgraded both arrangements to larger ones, that was a joke. The heart was a foot and a half tall and the basket was small. Besides being small they didn't even put the right last name on the card even though it is spelled out and confirmation was sent with the right name, it was not even close!

I say go elsewhere!! But not 1800florals my friends didn't even arrive and when she called they promised the next morning and when they where not there and she called the lady laughed!!


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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry
Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte is a rip off shady criminal business
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Floral Originals By Gregory Scotte SUCK!

Wow, I wish I had seen this, my story is pretty much the same as the other reviews...I am out $65, They never returned my calls or emails, delivered my sick mothers flowers two days late, and delivered the wrong flowers. Not to mention the misleading claim that they do not charge for shipping but then a mysterious charge of $24 appeared on the bill after it was too late.

Lesson learned here for sure... I feel totally taken advantage of, completely ripped off! They should not be in business...spread the word!

Please do not use this florist!

Bummed out!
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Floral Originals in Raleigh, North Carolina - Buyer Beware....Scammers

I placed an order with Gregory Scotte Floral on the 6th of August for my Goddaughter who had surgery. Needless to say they called me to tell me that the flowers that I ordered, where not available now. So the order was cancelled.

Well I was still charged on the 8th of August for the order that was never delivered. I've since called Gregory Scotte Floral to no avail.

Like every one else that has complained about this company, everytime I called I kept getting the run around.

I been given several different telephone numbers to call (310-289-6594/310-289-6592/888-758-4141) and they all say the same thing, "Let me take your name, # and info and someone will call you back."

Well that has been over 2 weeks now and still no one has called me back. Finally I called my bank and had my bank issue a dispute with the company. I hope that works.

This is so sad that a company like Gregory Scotte Floral can continue to operate and not be shut down or fined.

Actually they need to be shut down. They are scam artists.

And Gregory Scotte Florals has the nerve to put at the bottom of their order form: "If you have any concerns ...please contact us".....what for....you won't answer us customers back. We can't even get in touch with the company.

I am always rerouted to the order line. All they can do is take your info and have someone get back in touch with you....so they claim.

I think it's time for a class action lawsuit against this company.

The main ones that suffer is our loved ones who we were trying to send the flowers of encouragement and love to.

Shame on you Gregory Scotte Floral!!!

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Floral Originals in Jacksonville, Florida - Supposedly deliver flowers

Ordered flowers on 6/18/08 for delivery for 6/18/08. They still have not delivered the flowers.

They have already billed my credit card. I've called on three seperate occasions and they take my information down and say they have to forward my message to a manager to me call back. "They are an offsite customer support locations" and therefore don't have direct access to my order. They won't or supposedly can't give me status of the order.

I've told them to cancel my order and credit my credit card.

They will make "note" of that. But, they can't do that either!

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Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte

I went online to order flowers through who I thought was FTD (turned out to be Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte), placed my order, was charged, and the flowers have not been delivered. When I try to contact them, they only have an answering service, who say they will pass on the message.

I have not gotten a call, I am out $72.00, and my credit card company says I have to wait 15 days from date of scheduled delivery of flowers to dispute the charge. This company is a scam! Be careful, and I would not use FTD either, because they are supposedly affiliated with them.

I am contacting the BBB and filing a formal complaint.


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Sarasota Springs, Florida, United States #23360

I wished i had seen this comment before i placed my order!! I did the same thing and now i'm out of $60.

I was also told that they would call me back and i still haven't heard from them!! Please don't use this Floral!!!

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Floral Originals in Jacksonville, Florida - Did not do the job they were paid 2 do

This company sucks!!!

I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered for my girlfriends birthday and they were delivered the wrong day and without the mylar baloons(That I paid EXTRA for)!!! And everytime I call to complain and talk to a manager, they say someone will contact me!The resturaunt called me back the next day and said the flowers just got delivered. So I had to drive 1 hour out of the way to pick them up! I ordered the flowers 2/12/08 and to this day I still have got no response from this crappy *** company!

Bull Honky Doodle!!

The Worst Customer Service And Company Around!

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Floral Originals by Gregory Scotte


If you're a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR, perhaps you will get decent service from this company. If you're just an average person, don't expect any special treatment. Don't even expect your order to be fulfilled!

I ordered a birthday bouquet for my 82 year old aunt. It was supposed to be delivered... ON HER BIRTHDAY! It was not.

I called customer service that night and they apologized and said I would HAVE A REFUND BY THE END OF THE NEXT DAY. I also asked them to please contact my aunt and apologize. They said they would.


The "local florist" that they contract with, called my aunt from their truck 2 days later and said, "We have a bouquet we would like to deliver." My aunt said, "It's too late, my birthday is over and my niece has asked for a refund." They said, "We have nothing to do with the dispute between Gregory Scotte and your niece. We would like to deliver the flowers."

I have called customer service 8 times to request my refund. They ALWAYS assure me that I will be contacted by "someone" and that they realize my ORDER WAS NOT FULFILLED!




I HAVE CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE 8 TIMES. (Always with the "promise" that I will be contacted by "someone" ASAP.)






I ordered flowers for a wake, and was promised delivery by 2pm the next day by a rep from floral originals....the flowers were never delivered. I was mortified!

I have called the company twice a day since then with no response from the company!



Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #11871

I ordered flowers for my mother for mothers day and they told me that they wouldnt deliver on saturday in that area of Florida so I had them do it on Friday..My momther never recieved the flowers and i keep getting the same message "we will give them a message"thats ***..im turning them into BBB and i am calling and letting FTD know what kind of company they are contracting with...

Candler, North Carolina, United States #5896
:cry same here, they are a bogus floral account and I am :( .
No flowers for my new grandson when promised, how rude :x I cannot believe it.... Here is there cancellation number 310-289-6594 see if that works.
but I called my credit card company and they are going take care of me.
and I am reporting them to the BBB.
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